Pink Phoenix has been the single most impactful organization in my life. I was introduced to dragon boat paddling at the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure in 2010 I had just recently relocated from Texas after 2 years of intensive breast cancer treatment. I was anxious to embrace every physical activity that I could find that would make me feel stronger and in control of my body. I met several of my future teammates that fateful day and was encouraged to join these breast cancer survivors on the water to try my hand at dragon boating. The “Pinks” were the first all breast cancer survivor team in the US and I was anxious to conquer the skills necessary to be an asset to the team. From that very first day on the water, I learned to enjoy the challenge of learning the paddling stroke and managing my incredibly sore muscles that were getting stronger everyday. Since that very first day on the water I have found that the sisterhood coupled with the opportunity to paddle and race all over the world have increased my physical, emotional and spiritual health. I have grown from survivor to thriver. I no longer sit and observe what others are achieving and have found that no matter the level of my ability I am an integral part of what
makes my team successful. Every stroke matters!