Our Coaches

Interim Head Coach
I have been paddling for the last 18 years. I also have 12 years experience as a drummer/caller, calling races and leading practices, as well as several years experience as a peer coach and orienteer. I found dragon boat racing after my breast cancer diagnosis and began paddling while still in treatment. Prior to breast cancer I was an avid soccer player and youth coach. When I am not paddling and training, you can find me close to nature, sailing, bird watching, and sharing that love my her grandchildren. "I believe that everyone, wherever they start, can participate and improve at this sport. How far you go is up to you and your willingness to work hard."
I started my paddling experience in 2000 as a dragon boat paddler. After a year of paddling a few of us peeled off and started our own dragon boat team. I tilled for the mixed competitive team for about 7-8 years. My interest changed over to Outrigger paddling. I joined Mt. Home paddling club and enjoyed outrigger paddling and competed in OC6 and OC1 racing for a number of years. Next I joined Wasabi and coached their outrigger team for 2 years. Around 2015 I joined the Amazon Dragons dragon boating where I tilled and paddled. I became the head coach for the Amazons in 2019 and assistant head coach for Pink Phoenix in 2021. For the 2023 season I decided to focus on coaching for PinkPhoenix and stepped aside as the head coach for the Amazons. When I'm not paddling I'm enjoying hanging out with my family and puppies. Above all else paddling needs to be fun.