The following are other ways to support Pink Phoenix.

See’s Candy will donate 20% of the purchase price to our team. Check out our Team Storefront.

Fred Meyer Community Rewards

Link your Fred Meyer rewards card to Pink Phoenix (87420) to their Community Rewards program to help our fundraising efforts. Sign up once and you help us every time you shop. You still get your reward points and we receive a donation from the company.

Bottle Drop

Pink Phoenix has been accepted as a non-profit participant in the BottleDrop program, run by Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative. If you give a team member your bottles and cans, we will turn them in to a Redemption Center and the entire value of the deposit will be credited to our Pink Phoenix account.

Any Pink Phoenix team member can collect bottles and cans. Or, you can use Oregon Redemption Centers yourself, and designate Pink Phoenix as the recipient of the deposit amount due you!  Pink Phoenix members have blue bags available with the Pink Phoenix barcoded labels. BottleDrop locations

If you have other questions, email [email protected] or ask any team member .