I found out about the Pink Phoenix dragon boat team through a friend of mine who was on the team.  I went and watched a Portland race and thought it looked like fun.  Then I went to the last practice of the season as a guest and I was hooked.  

The team allowed me to feel strong while going through treatment, which for me was surgeries.  I had a surgery on February 23rd and I was out there paddling four weeks later.  It was empowering and gave me such a positive mindset over cancer.  I found the women amazing and motivating for my own fears about cancer and if it would return.  I learned through the women on this team that we cannot live in fear but we can acknowledge the fact that it could and might come back.  We have to make each day count and support each other through our journeys.  I continue to learn from this amazing group of women and I feel so blessed to continue to learn about my teammates on a personal level.  I may have had breast cancer but the Pinks have been the silver lining to what was a dark cloud.