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Community Outreach

2020 Events



The Gorman Cup

Local breast cancer survivors are invited to paddle or ride-along with Pink Phoenix members and other BCS paddlers in a wild, loud and colorful race across the Willamette during the Rose Festival Dragon Boat Races. The Pinks have organized this race since 1998 as a way to honor the life of original team captain Michele Gorman. BCS paddlers from local and out-of-town teams, as well as non-paddling survivors from our community, are invited to honor Michele's memory by joining the competition and enjoying the day. We race for bragging rights and just because we can! No experience is necessary and we make room for survivors who would like to ride along but not paddle.

The race is held at about noon (during the break between morning and afternoon heats) on the Saturday of the Portland Rose Festival Dragon Boat Race. More details will be provided as we get closer to the event.